Watch: Florence + The Machine go goth in new video for ‘Never Let Me Go’

There”s a lot going on in Florence + the Machine”s new video for “Never Let Me Go.”  First of all, Florence Welch has traded in her famous red locks for black hair and a total goth look.

There”s also a tarry substance, similar to blood, running down her face. But she finds solace on, where else, an ice rink with her boyfriend.

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It”s an ethereal song about sin and redemption. Her boyfriend disappears and, sadly, lets her go. As the tarry blood runs down her face and out her mouth, there”s clearly a transformation, a passing, happening because the next thing we know, she”s surrounded by clouds.

It”s spooky and we don”t fully understand it. It”s one of those videos that creates an atmosphere more than a linear story. 

As we previously reported, F+TM will release an “MTV Unplugged” album on April 9. The set will include material from both current album, “Ceremonials,” and the band’s breakthrough set, “Lungs.” 

Feel free to write your interpretations on the “Never Let Me Go” video below.

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