Watch: FX’s ‘The League’ PSAs beg for an NFL season

06.16.11 8 years ago
FX’s “The League” has already been renewed and is expected to return this fall.
But there’s a catch: “The League” is really a show about a group of ultra-competitive friends who occasional make each other’s lives miserable, but the show’s title and its loose center stem from a fantasy football league. So what does a show about a fantasy football league —  even a shallow, eight-team fantasy football league — do if there is no NFL season?
The NFL lockout has been going for months now and with each passing day, it becomes less and less likely that players and fans will get a full season of football. You know who has some things to say about this potential crisis? The characters from “The League.”
FX has released four darned funny PSAs directed at NFL owners and players, basically begging for football this fall.
Check out the four videos, one above and three below:

“Freak Outs”
“What Would You Do?”

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