Watch: Green Day unveils album cover for ‘Dos!’

Green Day”s “Uno,” “Dos,” and “Tres” albums are going to come in rapid succession so it makes sense that we”d get the teasers for the three sets in similar fashion.

Last Thursday, we got the trailer and cover art for “Uno!,” which featured lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong grinning blithely with red Xs over his eyes in front of a green swirling background. Today, we get the teaser and the cover for “Dos!,” which features Mike Dirnt in a similar fashion, though he looks a little frightened. (Can you guess which member will be on the cover of “Tres?” We bet that you can). The three albums will be released two months apart, starting with “Uno!,” which streets on Sept. 25.  “Dos!” comes out Nov. 11.

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Neither of the trailers has revealed much, but from the 30-second snippet, and from Armstrong yelling, “This song is about sex,” “Dos!” sounds like its full of guitar rave-ups.

Armstrong told Rolling Stone that the albums are “punchier, more power pop-somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles.”

The group first considered a double album as the songs kept tumbling out, but Armstrong dismissed that idea: “And one day, I sprung it on the others: ‘Instead of “Van Halen I,II, and III,” what if it”s “Green Day I,II an III”” and we have all our faces on each cover?” (Ah, mystery solved on “Tres”” artwork).

Among the songs on the sets are “F*** Time,” a song inspired by on of the actors in “American Idiot” who called himself “King of F***,” “Kill The DJ,” which is dance-inflected (“We were trying to figure out how to make dance music without turning into a dance band,” Armstrong tells Rolling Stone), and “99 Revolutions,” a protest song.

Is the past is any indication, look for the “Tres” album cover here next Thursday.

And in case you didn’t get the word, Green Day’s not-so-secret show it had planned for tomorrow in Burbank, Calif. was cancelled after the city denied the permits needed for the free concert.