Watch: HBO’s first ‘True Blood’ Season 3 trailer is berserk

05.13.10 8 years ago


Here at HitFix, some of us love “True Blood” and some of us aren’t always so enthusiastic, but fans and doubters are united in being plenty intrigued by the first official HBO preview for the show’s third season.
Sure, HBO has released a baker’s dozen pictures from the new season and the network has been pumping out webisodes and “Waiting Sucks” behind-the-scenes teasers galore, but this is the first actual footage unveiled from the episodes which begin on June 13.
And boy oh boy is the teaser full of fangbanging goodness. Is that Eric and Sookie nearly kissing? And what’s Jessica doing with that body? Is that Alcide as a human? Is he also that wolf? Is somebody biting Tara? What the heck?!?
Check it out:

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