Watch Immortan Joe and his gang take over DragonCon to preach danger of water addiction

Fact: When you get a group of like-minded fans together, weird magical things can happen. When that group is all cosplaying as characters from “Mad Max Fury Road,” things will definitely get a little cultish.

Such was the case during DragonCon when a large group of War Boys happen to be passing by underneath the balcony upon which Immortan Joe and his entourage were relaxing. Without blinking, an Imperator jumped up to grab the attention of Joe”s underlings.

Image Credit: Jereme Dickens/HitFix

Once the crowd was sufficiently whipped into a frenzy, Joe took the stage. By now traffic on the lower level had ground to a complete halt. No amount of polite requests from the staff to keep it moving were heeded, because Impromptu LARPing takes priority.

Image Credit: Jereme Dickens/HitFix

It could”ve only been better – for everyone except the hotel staff – if he”d had bottles of water to pour out at the end!


Well played, cosplayers. Well played indeed.