Watch: Is Miley Cyrus’ new video for ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ for the birds?

05.05.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

When Miley Cyrus sings “I want to fly” in her new single, “Can”t Be Tamed,” it turns out she meant it literally.

 In the clip, Cyrus is a rare bird on display, as the host explains, “in captivity for the first time.”  But the gilded cage is not for our girl.

Make no mistake about it: Miley Cyrus wants you to realize she”s an adult. She wants you to see her more in the league of a Christina or Britney. She has nothing in common with those other Disney girls like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez. She saw how Hilary Duff was completely unable to transition from teen pop star to adult pop star and she”s having none of it. Just watch her thrash around in her nest if you don”t believe her.

Yes, that”s right. In the video, which is arguably the most expensive video that Hollywood Records has ever made they probably won”t even be able to show it on the sister station the Disney Channel  given how scantily clad Cyrus is and the line about “go to hell.”  Plus, the way she”s squirming around in the nest could, frankly. scare the little ones.

So basically, Cyrus is tired of being on display even thought she gets the attention because she”s “hot like that.” So as she tries to leave her nest, she sprouts amazing wings (and later, even turns into a peacock) and is magically joined by about 30 birds/dancers (who can somehow get in her cage, but she can”t get out except for  brief dance number throughout the museum”s exhibits).

To be fair, it is beautifully shot and Cyrus looks like a Scavullo model with her hair bump and the heavy eye make up.  The message is loud and clear. She can”t be tamed, we have to let her grow up  or she”s going to explode… wouldn”t it have been fun if they”d put that on video.


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