Watch: John Slattery, Kristen Schaal in The National’s ‘Conversation 16’

We’re used to seeing John Slattery as a sad lovesick fool, but this time his powerful muse if one of presidential proportions.

The National have released the music video to “Conversation 16,” culled from their 2010 album “High Violet”; the group even has a place in the clip, but much of the focus is on “President of the U.S.” Kristen Schaal, Slattery on security detail and “Russian” leader James Urbaniak.

What surfaces are misty water-colored memories of Ms. President and Slattery’s love affair, a executive branch thong, love letters with wax and staples and a nearly missed pardon for a Thanksgiving turkey. The “Mad Men” actor has a moment where he’s forced to play dress-up, similar to a situation his TV character had at Cooper and Price involving a Santa Suit.

The clip was directed by Scott Jacobson, and the concept arose from an alcohol fueled chat with the comedienne.

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“The idea for the video came from a conversation I had with Kristen Schaal at a friend’s wedding. I mentioned I was pitching a video for The National, and Kristen said she was a fan of the band and would be in the video if she could play the President of the United States. I think she was joking — I was four wines into the evening and my ability to read social cues was not razor sharp — but since Kristen is an incredibly cool and generous person she didn’t balk when I actually tried to take her up on it,” Jacobson relayed in a release.

Meanwhile, The National are on tap to headline the MusicNow Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 15. The annual event, held May 13-15, is curated by the band’s own Bryce Dessner, and will also feature performances from Sharon Von Etten, Owen Pallett, a commissioned composition from Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry, Canadian songwriter (and Parry’s girlfriend) Little Scream and more.

Check out more details at the MusicNow website; tickets go up on March 15.

What do you think of the clip?