Watch: Jon Favreau on the making of ‘Cowboys and Aliens’

“Cowboys and Aliens comes out on disc this week, so I thought I’d dig out a previously unpublished video interview I did with director Jon Favreau.

The movie didn’t do as well as he and the rest of the cast would have liked, but still, it was an interesting experiment in genre mixing, and an all out love letter to westerns on Favreau’s part.


Although I wouldn’t consider myself a rabid fan of all his movies, I have come to appreciate the man for the obvious passion and love for his craft. He shows an obvious interest in every part of the filmmaking process, and can get into the nitty gritty of all the little technicalities of a production. Sadly, this is a rare trait among the directors that I’ve met.


I really enjoyed talking to him over the course of the “Cowboys and Aliens” production, and I think you can tell from this interview. 


“Cowboys and Aliens” is now available for home viewing. If the admittedly awkward title scared you off this summer, give it a try at home and see what you think. I get the feeling this movie may gather more fans over time. 


Like many movie experiments, it’s got lots of things to like about it, even if the film as a whole didn’t please the masses.


(We almost didn’t receive the tapes from this interview from the studio. It seems that the cows, hired to be background players in these interviews, were getting a little randy towards the end of the day and performing unspeakable acts. I tried to convince them that they should release the cow-sex vids as they were sure to “go viral.”)


“Cowboys and Aliens” is available on DVD and Blu-ray in stores this week.


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