Watch: Josh Homme helps Glen Campbell say goodbye in ‘A Better Place’ video

Queens of the Stone Age singer/guitarist Josh Homme helps pay tribute to Glen Campbell in the legend”s farewell video, “A Better Place.”

The song, featured on Campbell”s final album, last year”s excellent “Ghost on the Canvas” (and my album of the year), addresses his Alzheimer”s Disease diagnosis on the song, singing “Some days I”m so confused, Lord/My past gets in the way/I need the ones I love, Lord/More and more each day.” The album also includes contributions from Jakob Dylan and Paul Westerberg.

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The video features Homme, who is a self-avowed Campbell fan of longstanding, as a bartender in the cinematic clip. He also hands Campbell a scrapbook of his life, starting with his childhood and through his amazing musical journey alongside contemporaries like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Elvis Presley and Buck Owens. Campbell also performs the song against a very sparse backdrop.

As if the video isn”t heartbreaking enough, at the end, a message to his fans from Campbell scrolls across the screen detailing that “Ghost on the Canvas” is his last album. He thanks his fans for supporting him since his start in 1958. “I”ve done a lot in my life, playing, sang, toured hosted a TV show, acted in a movie-most of the things that happened were because of music, because of the records, and now it”s just time to close that door.”

Campbell began his farewell tour last summer. It continues through the U.S. until July 29 in New Mexico, and then ends in Australia Aug. 24.