Watch: Justin Bieber kisses someone other than Selena in new ‘Mistletoe’ video

10.18.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Justin Bieber”s a little clueless in his video for “Mistletoe,” the holiday anthem which debuted  on MTV early tonight.

In the Jason Mraz-lite tune, Bieber meets up with his girl, a Selena Gomez look-alike, sipping hot chocolate as the snow lightly falls. A wicked blonde-haired girl interrupts their tete-a-tete, but Bieber doesn”t even realize that his lady is bumming out because he”s forgotten that she”s there.

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Blondie leaves and all is well in their world again, but, like a bad penny, she shows back up. Bieb”s girlfriend walks away, but not before doing some soul searching and window shopping. Turns out Bieber”s not as dumb as he appears because soon the very dress that his girlfriend was eying, shows up at her house, with a card from Bieber (signed with his first and last name, just in case she doesn”t know who sent it), asking her to meet him outside.  They head to a dance together, where Blondie is dancing with her boyfriend… turns out she wasn”t after him after all.

The video ends, natch, under the mistletoe in a kissing scene that every 12-year old girl is going to wear out her computer playing.

 “Mistletoe” is the lead single from “Under the Mistletoe,” Bieber’s Christmas album out Nov. 1.

Do you like the video for “Mistletoe?”

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