Watch: Justin Timberlake wants to live forever in ‘In Time’ trailer

08.03.11 8 years ago

Director and screenwriter Andrew Niccol is finally out of movie jail following the disappointing returns of 2005’s “Lord of War,” but it’s not clear that his latest endeavor will return him to the critical heights of 1997’s “Gattaca.”  

“In Time” is set in a near future where people stop aging at the age of 25, but have to buy “credits” to stay alive. Justin Timberlake plays a financially poor man whose time is almost up until a mysterious man (“White Collar’s” Matthew Boomer) gives him almost 100 years of life.  When the gift giver dies, the police assume Timberlake’s character is at fault. Amanda Seyfried is on board as a love interest or something like that.

The first preview for “In Time” has debuted online and it promises slick cinematography and lots of 25-year-old pretty people.  Whether Timberlake can carry the film’s hard to believe premise is still questionable.  20th Century Fox and Regency are no doubt hoping that if moviegoers can buy “The Adjustment Bureau” they can suspend their disbelief for “In Time.”

Watch the trailer embedded below for your first look of Timberlake in action star mode. Will you take the time for “In Time”?

“In Time” opens nationwide on Oct. 28.

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