Watch: Kat Dennings and Jamie Alexander discuss different sides of ‘Thor’

Two lovely ladies.  Two very different actors.  Two absolutely different Realms.

Kat Dennings plays Darcy in “Thor,” a political science major who ends up helping out Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, in her research into some strange energy storms in the desert.  Jamie Alexander, on the other hand, plays Sif, an Asgardian warrior who grew up with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and who is one of his very best friends.

The two really couldn’t be less alike.  Alexander is a strikingly pretty woman up close, but there’s something substantial about her, something that suggests she could easily kick your ass up between your ears if she decided to do so.  Dennings, on the other hand, has this wonderful eccentric energy about her.  I don’t find her threatening in the least, but she is a wonderful comic presence.  Each of them adds something invaluable to “Thor,” and we sat down with both of them to discuss their work in the big Marvel movie.

Dennings is as funny in person as she is onscreen, and she actually taught me a word as we were preparing to talk.  She complimented me on my “aubergine” tie, and while I’ve seen the word, I didn’t know what color it referred to.  We chatted for a moment before the cameras rolled about her film “Daydream Nation,” which is getting a split-second theatrical release but which has already been sent to reviewers on Blu-ray.

Alexander, who seems awfully scrappy on Twitter, certainly would suggest when stood next to Portman that Thor has a very particular type.  There’s only about a two-and-a-half-foot difference between the two, like Portman is the Shrinky Dinks version of Alexander.  I’m unfamiliar with her in anything before this, but I’m curious to see what Hollywood does with an actress built as tough as Alexander seems to be.

“Thor” opens in theaters everywhere right about now.