Watch: Kate Beckinsale tells us she won’t be mimicking Sharon Stone in ‘Total Recall’

In contrast with Sharon Stone, whose role as Lori Quaid in Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 blockbuster “Total Recall” essentially served as her first big stepping stone on the path to international stardom, Kate Beckinsale – who plays the same-named character in Len Wiseman’s forthcoming remake – already achieved that level of fame more than a decade ago. And yet according to the latter actress, who I sat down with over the weekend to discuss the soon-to-be-released action sequel “Underworld: Awakening”, her version of Lori will be quite a bit different from Stone’s original portrayal.

“[She’s] kind of an amalgamation of a couple of characters,” Beckinsale told me when I asked her about following in Stone’s footsteps. “So Sharon Stone’s Lori is safe.”

The other character she’s talking about is Richter, the murderous lieutenant played by Michael Ironside in the original film. Given that the screenwriters combined the two into a single individual for the remake, you can expect Lori to be quite a bit more of a “take-charge” kind of gal than she was in the Schwarzenegger version.

“She’s the boss of herself,” said Beckinsale. “It’s a very different tone. But you know, I still get to be the bad guy, which I’ve never done before. …It was really fun. I can see why all these English guys go off to do the bad guy parts.”

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