Watch: Katie Holmes, Guillermo Del Toro, Bailee Madison discuss ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’

Okay… here’s a clear sign that I’ve reached a point of pure overload:  I have no recollection of doing these interviews.

At first, I thought our editor was crazy when he sent me an e-mail today asking me if I was ready to publish the interviews I did for “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark,” and I wrote him back to say that I wasn’t the one who did them.  He insisted that I was and sent me the videos and, sure enough, even though these appear to have been one-camera interviews, it’s definitely me asking the questions.

I clearly remember seeing the film at the Los Angeles Film Festival this summer, and I liked it quite a bit.  Watching the interviews now, I am struck by a few things.  First, Bailee Madison can’t possibly the age they claim she is.  I’m going to guess she’s 38 years old and just a bit on the short side.  Don’t believe me?  Check out how incredibly self-possessed she is in the interview that’s embedded below:

I’ve interviewed grown-ups who have 20 years of experience who were less articulate and poised than Madison.  I’m guessing she’s in this for the long haul, a total pro before puberty, and it was a pleasant surprise to have such a serious conversation about craft with someone so young.

The two-person conversation I had with Katie Holmes and Guillermo Del Toro was nice, and I wish I could have just spent an hour with Guillermo talking horror in general.  Maybe we’ll make that happen someday, because this is not a guy you want to limit to sound bites.  His influence as a producer is very clear on this film, and I can tell how proud he is of the finished product.  His name may be on the poster, but he is very clear in the way he gives credit to director Troy Nixey on this film, and it’s nice to see.

I also like the way Guillermo talks about the reason he picked this as a remake, and I think this is the sort of thing that totally justifies doing that.  If you’re a fan of his work, I would highly recommend you see the film this weekend, and if you’re just looking for a fun scare, you can’t go wrong.

“Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” opens everywhere this weekend.