Watch: Katy Perry ‘Part of Me 3D’ clip features pop star at 18

“She ain’t gonna have half her clothes off,” says Katy Perry’s dad in a new clip from the pop star’s forthcoming “Part of Me 3D” film. That was nine years ago, before Katy Perry was regularly featured with half her clothes off.

The short, revealing clip shows Perry at 18 talking about her transition from Christian-gospel singer of her pastor parents to rising pop star, an MTV-style singer that has yielded hits like “I Kissed a Girl” and “California Gurls.”

“I feel like I was never allowed to even think for myself and I always said my heart wants to do all kinds of things,” Perry says. “I want to travel and experience other things outside my comfort zone. I guess I’m probably just going through a rebel phase. I don’t know.”

The new clip aired before the MTV Movie Awards last night, and ahead of the concert-documentary film’s July 5 debut.