Watch: Katy Perry’s fascinating behind-the-scenes videos for ‘Wide Awake’

Katy Perry”s video for “Wide Awake” has been out for a minute, but now you can go behind the scenes of the MTV Video Music Award-nominated clip.

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The 4-part “making-of” clips provide a tutorial on how the 3D clip was made and is much more informative than the usual such endeavor, including Perry admitting that she fears that she and the French director may have communication problems. There’s plenty here for fans of Perry, but also for anyone who wants a primer on how special effects in videos are generated, including the exploding mirrors. Or if you’ve ever wondered how 3D really works.

The idea behind the goth-looking clip was “just to do a retrospective of my last year through artistic moments,” Perry says. “The tour and finding myself and coming out okay on the other side.” She also wanted something more feminine after the military-oriented “Part of Me” clip. Bonus: She admits her parents will be “horrified” by the video.

Perry also gets a little competition from the scene-stealing little girl, Zoey, who plays her younger self in the clip The footage of Perry explaining why the horse looks like a unicorn to Zoey is precious.

Who knew fairy tales were so complicated?

We’ve embedded Part 1 below. Go to MTV Buzzworthy to see Parts 2, 3, and 4.