Watch: Ke$ha plays with a big snake in ‘Your Love is My Drug’ video

05.13.10 8 years ago

We”ll have whatever she”s having. Ke$ha”s got it bad, and it turns out that’s oh so good, in the video for “Your Love is My Drug.”

America”s favorite new party girl is, by her own admission, a “lovesick crackhead”  for her new fella, but we”d say it”s more peyote than crack given the trippy adventure she takes us on through the desert with her long-haired hippie ’70s reject   Shaman boyfriend.  They wander through the wilderness, perhaps for 40 days and 40 nights, and then seek adventure, just like the owl and the pussycat, in a rowboat. By now, the good drugs have really kicked in and Ke$ha and her beau are surrounded by a cartoon ocean, complete with a cartoon buoy and seagull and a big old crab..

As the mind-altering substances  (which we don”t see them drop, of course) further take hold, she enters in an animated, pop-art  world straight out of  The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” crossed with Peter Max,  where  psychedelic fish playfully frolic.

Then as phase two hits,  Ke$ha turns into a bit of a  Shaman herself, covered in tribal paint and dancing with a python. We”re still not really sure what the elephant has to do with anything other than they figured, “Why not?” It”s a video; suspension of disbelief is the price of admission.

It”s a sweet (for Ke$ha) song and the video follows a real storyline that turns into a visual feast. It”s her best effort yet. When it comes to this drug, just say yes.

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