Watch: Kelly Clarkson’s new video for ‘Dark Side’

We all have those parts of ourselves that we”re too scared to reveal to those we love. In the video for her new single, “Dark Side,” Kelly Clarkson asks if her partner could still love her once he sees that side of her?

Whether it”s the various situations depicted in the clip- body image issues, alcoholism and other addictions, war injuries- or our own different demons, Clarkson”s performance in the clip perfectly captures the vulnerability that comes with showing people our whole selves.

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Not that the strong mid-tempo ballad needs the boost, but the video enhances the message and adds a nice dimension to the song.

Interestingly, the song is the perfect companion to fellow “American Idol” Adam Lambert”s new tune, “Underneath,” from his album, “Trespassing.” That song also addresses allowing your lover to see your full self, even those parts you”d rather keep hidden.

Clarkson”s new talent competition, “Duets,” bows tonight on ABC.

What do you think of “Dark Side?” 

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