Watch: Ken Jeong reveals Mr. Chow’s secrets in ‘The Hangover, Pt. II’

“The Hangover, Pt. II” is primed for the biggest opening of the year when it opens Thursday (cough, an insane $100 million plus, cough), but moviegoers are in for a surprise when they reunite with the Wolfpack from Todd Phillips’ original 2009 blockbuster.  Sure, there is some charm in seeing Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis go through hell in Bangkok, Thailand, but the real treat is an expanded role for Ken Jeong’s breakout character Mr. Chow.

HitFix talked to Jeong last week in Los Angeles about Chow and the backstory both he and Phillips have come up with for the character.  Much to the surprise of the film’s other characters, Chow keeps surprising on a number of different levels.  You think you understand him, but no, you don’t (and the minor spoilers are better left unsaid). It really makes you hope Mr. Chow could have a life outside of the “Hangover” movies in his own (are you listening Mr. Phillips?).  Jeong also gave a shout out to a certain TV critic here at HitFix who covers Jeong’s day job, NBC’s “Community.”  I wonder who that could be…

Check out the complete interview embedded in this post. 

“The Hangover, Pt. II” will ravage cinemas beginning Thursday.  Make sure you’ve had your shots people.