Watch: Lady Antebellum’s ‘Just A Kiss’ video takes you on a trip

Lady Antebellum’s saccharine-y sweet “Just a Kiss,” the first single from its Sept. 13 album, “Own the Night,” gets a similarly sugary video.

The clip for the  ballad, which is already top 10 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, follows two young backpackers who meet in Europe. The video starts as they’ve already parted and the girl is revisiting their trip (on an iPad) including gorgeous stops in London and Paris. 

They are clearly meant for each other and quickly fall in love, but decide to take it slow as the members of Lady Antebellum slowly look on, like the angels in “City of Angels” (although I don’t think they’re dead).

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There’s a nice little twist at the end that we won’t spoil for you.  We’re already written about how the song is too treacly and slow for our tastes, and we’re big Lady A fans, so we’re eager to move on to the next single.