Watch: Lady GaGa performs new song, writhes in the rain on ‘Today’ show

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Hey kids, time for your daily dose of Lady GaGa. In case you missed it, we bring you her appearance this morning on “Today.” According to the morning show, she drew a record 20,000 to Rockefeller Plaza. And guess what? She wore pants!  Two pairs!  In one appearance, she wore trousers two times more than we”ve ever seen her in them before in person.

With dried ice billowing over the stage, Lady GaGa was practically enveloped and indistinguishable from the white smoke as she emerged in a relatively tame white outfit singing the Gershwin classic “Someone to Watch over Me” before segueing into “Bad Romance.” She’s the Smoke Monster! We think there may have been some track enhancement, but her vocals seemed live-she sounded strong (remarkably so for the early morning hour), but there were just enough rough notes to sound live.  We dug the bra with the crosses.

In the next segment, she thanked radio and TV and the gay community for supporting her. There hasn”t been a mainstream artist since Madonna who has so lovingly and publicly made sure to include her gay following along every step of the way. She then launched into new song, “You & I,” saying it is about “the most important person I ever met,” although didn”t reveal who that was. The tune, which as we wrote a few weeks ago, sounds like a 4 Non Blondes outtake, sounded better than it did when she played it at Elton John”s party a few weeks back. More importantly, as she sat at the piano pounding away without any gimmicks or blood spurting from anywhere (oh, sure she dramatically crawled on the piano, but that”s nothing), it shows her talent is real. While I love her embrace of theatricality, it”s smart to remind fans that the smoke and mirrors all add to the show, but there is a strong foundation under them.

After a short rain shower and a costume change, she returned in black pants and a jacket, similar to what she wears in the “Alejandro” video to run through the current hit as her back up singers paraded around stage in a makeshift fashion  show.  Next up was “Teeth.”  It has more bite than “Alejandro,” and she tried to spice it up with some Hendrix-style guitar. Plus, she fully incorporated the rain into her show as if she and the heavens had made some pact to incorporate it. Yes, we”re beginning to think she may have that much power.

Watch GaGa perform “Bad Romance” below.

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