Watch: Marion Cotillard rocks out with Franz Ferdinand in ‘Eyes of Mars’

03.08.10 9 years ago

Oscar viewers last night witnessed a clip of Marion Cotillard rocking her body in Oscar-nominated song “Take It All” from “Nine,” but today she can be seen rocking in a different fashion. And fashion label.

The French actress fronts Franz Ferdinand in “Eyes of Mars,” a Lady Dior concept-driven advertising-campaign-music-video-thing.Performing as fictional actress Lady Rouge. She mugs and struts in a ravishing red get-up before she wrinkles her nose, smooths that hair, dons the skinny tie and does her best to rock out with the Scottish songwriters behind “Take Me Out.”

While Cotillard earned an Academy Award for her portrayal as doomed singer Edith Piaf in 2008’s “La Vie en Rose” and was one of two standouts in last year’s “Nine” (Penelope Cruz being the other), her pop and jazz sensibilities are too soft for this dramatic number, a purr where there should be a hiss (Scarlett Johansson, are you listening?).

She’s the perfect match for Dior, as far as commercial asthetic goes, and I’d watch her wash dishes for three hours were it permitted. But at the end, I’d much rather hear FF frontman Alex Kapranos caw his way through this one.

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