Watch: Maroon 5 recruits the world for crowd-sourced ‘Daylight’ video

Maroon 5 becomes the latest band to get cheap labor for their new music video. Seriously, for “Daylight,” the latest track from “Overexposed,” the band asked their fans to turn in videos revealing some of their deepest thoughts and then a very patient editor tied them all together.

Some of the clips tie loosely into the song”s theme about desperately not wanting to leave someone at morning”s first light, but the tune is really only a jumping off point for a much deeper look at the human condition… and how hard it is to be a teenager.

Some of the responses to what people hate, what they love and what they regret are by turns funny, silly, and heartbreaking as people confess to a camera truths they have never told even their closest friends or talk about tremendous losses in their lives.

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As we”re sadly getting used to in the confessional YouTube era, there are still clips of teenagers talking about bullying, hating themselves, thinking about killing themselves, and the things they can”t forgive themselves for. There are also videos of people dancing, hanging with their friends, dancing, and embracing life.

The song is incidental in the 9-minute video and only plays interstitially, which was exactly the plan, and the band is nowhere to be seen. Maroon 5 is smart enough to know a video this long isn”t going to get played on the usual outlets, so the clip is a Vevo/YouTube play and it stands as a powerful (and well edited) document of the things that bring us together and those that divide us. And a reminder that everyone is trying to get through their day the best way they know how.

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