Watch: Mary J. Blige’s video for ‘The Living Proof’

08.10.11 8 years ago

Mary J. Blige”s “The Living Proof,” from “The Help” is stirring mid-tempo ballad about the journey taken by some of the characters in the movie. She sings  “Nothing ’bout my life”s been easy, but nothing”s gonna keep me down, no/because I know a lot more today than I knew yesterday so I”m ready to carry on.”

While the words are most likely about the maids in the movie, they also mirror much of Blige”s often harrowing journey, so it”s no surprise that she delivers them with such heartfelt conviction in the video for “The Living Proof.” It came out today, which, no coincidence here, is the same day the movie hits theaters.

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Blige wrote the song for the movie and is obviously hoping to be a contender for best original song come Oscar time. To further connect the dots, the video features very low key subdued shots of Blige singing in the studio, but it is primarily footage from the film.  Check out Drew”s movie review here.

The song is featured on the soundtrack for “The Help,” which came out July 26 on Interscope. In addition to Blige”s new tune, it consists primarily of tunes from the early ’60s, when “The Help” takes place, including Bob Dylan”s “Don”t Think Twice, It”s All Right,” and Frankie Valli and the Four Season”s “Sherry.”

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