Watch: Miley Cyrus squares off with on-screen mom Demi Moore in ‘LOL’ trailer

Miley Cyrus grapples with “growing-up issues” in the upcoming drama “LOL”, based on the 2008 French film of the same name written and directed by Lisa Azuelos (who returns behind the camera here). Why it was necessary to remake a film that’s essentially about a mother and her teenage daughter coming into conflict as the latter begins to rebel is beyond me, but nevertheless here it is, and the first trailer for the film has hit the web.

Played by Sophie Marceau in the original movie, the role of the mother has been taken over by Demi Moore in the remake, with the actress playing a 40-something divorcee who is having trouble reigning in her high-school age daughter Lola (Cyrus) as she begins experimenting with sex, drinking and drugs.

Given the recent cinematic output of the film’s two main stars – though Moore has, in fairness, starred in at least a couple of well-received indies over the past couple of years – and the rather generic feel of the trailer, it’s hard not to think that “LOL” will be a second-rate family drama without much appeal outside of aging “Hannah Montana” viewers looking to see their girl get down ‘n’ dirty.

My grade for the trailer: C-

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“LOL” is expected to hit theaters sometime later this year.