Watch: Nas, John Legend ‘Fall in Love’ in two different Estelle music videos

07.28.10 8 years ago

At some point Estelle and her label people decided that two is better than one — even if one is almost exactly like the other.

That’s the case with the British singer’s video for “Let’s Fall in Love,” the lively dance track that could sell a thousand pairs of shoes. She made two different versions of the same love story: Estelle, the girl next door, and the her light-eyed patootie (Jessie Williams from “Grey’s Anatomy”) next door fall in love. Some adorable mishaps occur, there’s some flirting and then a branding placement, a make and model on which I will not linger (as I’m not the one getting paid to do so).

The only difference between the clips is that one features an appearance and verse from John Legend and one from rapper Nas. Legend took time for a second shoot with a big-haired girl. Nas had no such time, but instead reps the Mets and name-checks Donald Trump and Frank Sinatra because now, apparently, Nas is my dad.

I live next door to an auto mechanic shop. I have never seen it overflow in an eruption of club-going beautiful people. The entertainment industry continues to heap disappointment on that which is my life.

Check out both videos below. “Let’s Fall in Love,” at the end of the day, is disgustingly infectious (wait, I mean in the good way), boding well for her forthcoming “All of Me,” due sometime this fall. It comes on the high heels of her Grammy win with Kanye West for last year’s “American Boy.”

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