Watch: New ‘Wrath Of The Titans’ trailer puts the emphasis on monsters

I wasn’t a big fan of the remake of “Clash Of The Titans,” but I do like the genre that it represents.  We need more giant monsters in our movies.  I’d argue we need more giant monsters in all movies, regardless of what they’re about.  “The King’s Speech” without monsters, for example, might have won Best Picture of 2010, but “The King’s Speech” WITH giant monsters?  That would win Best Picture of All Time.  You see the difference?

Even though I didn’t really care about anyone or anything in “Clash Of The Titans,” they’ve pretty much guaranteed that I’m excited to see the sequel, “Wrath Of The Titans” because the new trailer that just arrived appears to be wall-to-wall giant monsters, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that, philosophically speaking.

We talked to Sam Worthington about what he considers a big fat do-over, and how that gives him a chance to get this one right since he feels like he didn’t get it right the first time.  The same was true inside Legendary, which is a shame because I know how much the original “Clash of The Titans” meant to the executives there.  This was not a case of cynically remaking something because of some spreadsheet, but rather a case of someone intensely trying to recapture a feeling they had when they saw something and falling short.

For that reason, I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be an improvement on the first film.  And based on this trailer, it looks like the action scenes are far grander in scale.  I have no idea if that will make it a “better” film, but it certainly looks like it’s got more of what I want from this sort of movie.

The film evidently takes place a full decade after the original, and once again, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes will be wrestling for control of the world and unleashing all sorts of nasty beasties on each other.

You can see the trailer in HD over at Apple.com, and here’s an embedded version:

Okay, come on… that looks like a Harryhausen kid’s dream.  Count me in.

“Wrath Of The Titans” opens in theaters March 30, 2012.