Watch: Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator’s vicious ‘Yonkers’ music video

And look at that. A couple days after we deigned to discuss the present and future of rapey rap troupe Odd Future, crew leader Tyler The Creator’s ears must’ve been burning, and the music video to his solo track “Yonkers” showed up in the ol’ inbox.

And that’s not the only thing on fire. The rhyme, featured on his forthcoming “Goblin” in April from XL, is gonna sting for a few.

Do take this as a warning: the rap is NSFW and the video ain’t either.

But do catch how easily those verses trickle out, that hard-paced venom that no radio edit was built for. Dropping Fishbone, and then threatening the very lives (and not just livelihoods) of B.o.B. and Bruno Mars, all the while he’s eating a cockroach and hangs himself.

As implied by the original piece, the heady style (but not necessarily its content) from Tyler is just my kind of crazy, and it’s easy to see why his may be one of the most anticipated solo rap efforts this year. His mixtape “Bastard” may more than a few friends’ year-end 2010 lists.

What say you?