Watch One Direction’s ‘Kiss You’ video behind the scenes

01.24.13 6 years ago

Hey, if you wish One Direction could dance, watch the Brit boy band admit that they wouldn’t mind it too.

The behind-the-scenes video to “Kiss You” was posted today, featuring the quintet talk about their cross-climate, tongue-in-cheek shoot from out of George Lucas’ production stage. It shows the adorably gawky attempts to dance like The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, as they suggest that One Direction doesn’t have “20 percent of the cool Elvis had.”

Early on, it’s noted that “Indiana Jones” films and “The Shining” were filmed on that historic production lot, so why the heck not have some chart-toppers on there too? Shining teenaged torsos, fake surfing and knit sweaters ahead.

“Kiss You” is on One Direction’s latest album “Take Me Home.”

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