Watch: Passion Pit’s new video for ‘Carried Away’ featuring Sophia Bush

Boys love crazy girls. If you need further proof, just watch the dysfunctional relationship played out in Passion Pit”s new video, “Carried Away,” a track from 2012’s “Gossamer.”

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The clip, shot by “Beasts of the Southern Wild” cinematographer Ben Richardson, features PP”s lead singer Michael Angelakos and “One Tree Hill” actress Sophia Bush in the throes of a tumultuous relationship. She spends a lot of time acting looney and he spends a lot of time saying “I’m sorry.” Directed by Benjamin and Alex Brewer, who have also directed clips for Purity Ring and Alt-J, “Carried Away” is a visual feast, full of magical tricks, like clothes coming off and going back on, a dropped towel turning into a sheep dog, words flying through the air and time moving backwards.

Richardson, who won awards at Sundance and Cannes for his cinematography, creates beautiful shots here, playing with the light and fun angles. The song may be upbeat, but the relationship is anything but and Richardson captures the anguish and frenetic nature well. A big thumbs up to the editor as well.