Watch: Pitbull’s new video for ‘Rain Over Me’ with Marc Anthony

07.22.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

So we have a pressing question. In the Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony split, who gets custody of Pitbull?  Pitbull is featured on Lopez”s comeback single “On the Floor” and now Anthony is the guest vocalist on Pit”s new single, “Rain Over Me.”

While we contemplate this important issue, we”ve got the new video for “Rain Over Me” to watch. While much of the country is swathed in a heat wave, Pitbull and Anthony do nothing to cool it off as they head to the desert to drive BMWs, drink Voli Vodka, dodge scorpions and wear designer suits in 120-degree heat and never break a sweat.

The two dance together in what is obviously a rain dance because next thing you know, it”s raining over them and their collective women.

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As Pitbull caresses and raps to a woman, “I was playing with her, I was playing with me, next think you know we were playing with three,”  the video doesn”t have the nerve to actually suggest visually that there”s a three way going on…but maybe that”s for the best. 

 It”s a fun, sassy, mindless video that”s perfect for the song, and it boasts a fantastic vocal performance by Anthony.  Let it rain.

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