Watch: Red Hot Chili Peppers get funky in new video for ‘Look Around’

Wonder what goes on behind closed doors for members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers?  They get their funk on in various and sundry ways. In the new video for “Look Around,” which premiered on Spinner today, we get an inside look at their leisure pursuits as each hangs out in his own room.

Anthony Kiedis hangs out with a lady friend, who comes in through the refrigerator, a kid and a dog.  Flea and a female friend dance then get down to even sillier pursuits as they strip down to their undies. Silly string is involved.  Chad Smith goes visit Kieidis and a little too jubilantly fixes a clogged toilet.

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The only one not taking advantage of the funky music is Josh Klinghoffer, who, until he picks up his guitar, quietly reads. The clip was obviously filmed before Kiedis’s foot injury that caused the band to postpone several tour dates..

Check out the Robert Hales-directed clip. The song, featured on new album, “I”m With You,” is vintage RHCP.

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