Watch: Reggie Watts tosses around Eagle and Talon in ‘For the Bond’ video

Comedian/musician Reggie Watts adds a new job description to his resume: puppet master.  In the new video for Los Angeles female duo Eagle and Talon”s “For the Bond,” he bodily manipulates the twosome like rag dolls.

Watts doesn”t sing a lick in the clip, which looks like it cost about $5 to shoot, although he pretends to provide the voice for the bass. Our favorite part is when he seemingly plays the tambourine part, although he doesn”t have a tambourine, and when the duo tries to run a comb through his Afro and gets nowhere.

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Toward the end, the Alice and Kim Talon try to manipulate Watts, although given the size disparity, it doesn”t work out so well.

The song is a little precious, but there”s no denying Eagle and Talon”s  lo-fi, insouciant charm. Or as the Village Voice indecipherably described their music: “artlessly jagged post-punk.” We”re not sure that”s a compliment.

But Watts” involvement with Eagle and Talon doesn”t stop there. He contributes vocals and bass to their new EP, “In Manila,” which will be out as soon as E&T can raise $5,000 by Monday (Feb. 21) to self-release the set through Kickstarter. To give them a helping hand, click here. If you pledge $300, they will cook brunch for you. No kidding.

As Watts” fans know, he was the opening act on Conan O”Brien”s “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television” tour this past summer and writes music for Louis CK”s FX show, “Louie.” Watts is also part of Jack White”s Third Man Records” subscription-based Vault series. We”re not sure how this sounds, but as Hitfix earlier reported, he has a “hair record, crafted from the hairs collected at barber shops from North America and Australia.” 

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