Watch: Ryan Kwanten and Leslie Bibb fly the haunted skies in ‘7500’ trailer

Get ready for ghosts on a plane, or something to that effect.

In the new trailer for CBS Films’ “7500,” “True Blood’s” Ryan Kwanten and Leslie Bibb (“Talladega Nights”)  are among a group of air passengers and sexy flight attendants who encounter what appears to be a supernatural force on an overnight flight across the Pacific. 

The other unlucky travelers include Nicky Whelan (“Hall Pass”), Jerry Ferrera (“Entourage”), Christian Serratos (“Twilight”), Jamie Chung (“The Hangover Part II”) and Amy Smart (“Shameless”). 

“7500” comes from the collective minds of the U.S. version of the J-horror film “The Grudge” — producers Roy Lee and Taka Ichise, and director Takashi Shimzu. The teaser — though brief — recalls films of a similar nature (the Japanese and U.S. versions of “Pulse,” “One Missed Call,” and “The Ring” come to mind), where vengeful ghosts get into the machines (videotapes, cel phones, airplanes, or web sites) and wreak havoc on a circle of attractive young people. 

The trailer’s use of a creepy version of “Leaving on a Jet Plane” is a little too on-the-nose, and the pre-scary scenes look pretty painful to watch. However, the clip’s frights do the trick, and it’s nice that they don’t give away just exactly what it is the passengers are up against. 

What the trailer here: 

“7500” takes flight on August 31. Fasten you seatbelt.

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