Watch: Scissor Sisters light up the night with new video for ‘Fire with Fire’

06.14.10 8 years ago

Scissor Sisters are winning fans one at a time in their new video for “Fire with Fire,” the debut single from “Night Work,” the group”s first albums since 2006″s “Ta-Dah.”

The mid-tempo, piano-based tune is one of those tracks that doesn”t seem that infectious at first, especially compared to the band”s earlier work, but then it embeds itself in your brain. If their new label, Downtown, plays it right, it could become a summer sleeper anthem.

Though the band recorded most of the album in London, the co-ed outfit takes to the New York City streets on the back of a flatbed truck to spread the word as fans and spectators look on.  This has been done much better by the likes of U2 but it”s a fun, colorful video, nonetheless.

“Night Work,” produced by Stuart Price, comes out June 29 in the U.S. and the day before in the U.K., where Scissor Sisters are bonafide stars.


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