Watch: Seth Green on ‘Robot Chicken’s’ DC Comics special

(CBR) “Robot Chicken” co-creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich descended upon the CBR TV Tiki Room at New York Comic Con with the heat of a thousand hilarious suns. Between jokes — and a brief shanking from Breckin Meyer — the pair hinted at what to expect from the seventh season of the hit Adult Swim show, lamented their lack of Emmy wins, spilled a little about the second DC Comics Special and more.

On their trip to Australia: “I saw the hotel and the airport,” Green said of his busy schedule. “The opera house was awesome. It actually was a really fun event. Everyone there was super cool. We got to have some whiskey with the [CEO of the opera house.]”

“They do this festival called ‘Graphic’ every year,” Senreich said. “Grant Morrison was there, you do these panels at the opera house!”

“People will sometimes put on more theatrical shows,” Green said. “They have all the lights to do a rock show and if we had planned it better, they said we could’ve launched out of the floor, launched in on some rappelling lines — we just din’t think enough.”

“It was fun, but it could have been crazier,” Senreich said.

On their many Emmy nominations: “We keep getting invited to that party and it’s really, really cool,” Green said. “We won [in 2010] for our ‘Full-Assed Christmas Special,’ which is actually printed on the statue. It’s amazing. It’s kind of surreal. It makes me think less about the organization that they would give one to us!” [Laughs]

On the second “Robot Chicken DC Comics Special”: “It’s shooting right now,” Green said. “It’s kind of awful. Me and Zeb [Wells] are kind of tag-teaming on the direction because I’ve done a bunch of videos and mapped everything out. Now he’s on site and I’ve been Facetiming with animators and locking in sets and things. It’s kind of insane. But the special is great. The writers knocked it out of the park. I’m super psyched about it. … One detail, we found out that Lex Luthor has a daughter and I asked Geoff Johns if she could be teenage, he said that was reasonable and everything happened from there. Lex Luthor has some teenage daughter in an Earth-2 world and she is in the DC special. … In a 22-minute special, we have three musical numbers.”

On what to expect from the series’ seventh season: “We’re so deep in the thick of it that it’s hard to remember, but we have had some really cool people on,” Green said. “Maisie Williams — Arya Stark from ‘Game of Thrones.”

“She was awesome,” Senreich said. “She crushed it. George R.R. Martin [is also a guest].”

“We did a parody of ‘The Birds’ with George R.R. Martin,” Green said. “Chris O’Donnell came in for the first time this year. We just had Kate Mara from ‘House of Cards’ in.”

“If you watch ‘Catfish,’ we do a wonderful ‘Catfish’ sketch,” Senreich said.

“Which we actually got Neve to do,” Green said. “He was really great, and that sketch is — I voted that down in pitch phase, but then the script came in and it was just so funny.”

“Just trying to see who would meet each other in the fantasy world,” Senreich added.