Watch: Sheryl Crow’s new video for ‘Summer Day’

07.09.10 9 years ago

Cute kids eating ice cream? Check.  Cute couple in canoe? Check? Swings? Check. Picnic? Check.

Sheryl Crow has all her summer clichés in place for her video for “Summer Day,” which premieres today on VH1 and CMT. Shot in Nashville, the clip combines a groovy performance with all the things that make a summer day so great.

The song is a slow-grooving, sultry, horn-laden salute to summer and love, which are often entwined.  It”s the first single from “100 Miles from Memphis,” out July 20. It doesn”t sound 100 miles from Memphis to us; it sounds like it is right in the heart of the music loving town with its sweet, ’60s vibe and slow and easy feel.

She”s channeling Dusty Springfield, whose  1969 “Dusty in Memphis” album is a classic. By premiering the tune on VH1 and its sister station CMT simultaneously 

Awww Alert:  When Crow sings “you came into my life and you gave me hope and love” and is cuddling a little boy, whom we assume is her oldest son, Wyatt. Adorable.


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