Watch: Skinny dipping with sharks on ‘Naked & Afraid’

Did you ever watch “Blue Lagoon” and think, wow, I’d love to be stranded on an island! It’s so romantic! Well, “Naked & Afraid” (Sun. at 10:00 p.m. on Discovery) will disabuse you of that notion in a hurry. Not only is foraging for food and water not in the least romantic, neither are sharks, tiny biting bugs or snakes. I don’t remember Brooke Shields having to deal with any of those, do you?

In the clips below, watch the latest couple bicker, try (and fail) to make fire and, in one case, have an anxiety attack in the water (hint: it’s not the woman). Then, if you really want to, watch “Blue Lagoon” if you want to think of being stranded on an island as a good thing.

Watch the three clips below: