Watch: Skrillex explains what lost boys do when they grow up in ‘Bangarang’

How did Captain Hook get his hook? Skrillex has some idea.

The recent Grammy Award winner has released the music video for the title track to his brand new EP “Bangarang,” and not only do things go bang: they go boom.

Lost Boys take the shape of the nasty neighborhood trouble-making kid-gang, those damn kids who kicked the back of your seat on the bus (cut it out). The local ice cream man — who is, by the way, evil, because he eats too much ice cream and has a mustache — is then hoodwinked by the crew. Fast-forward through some morally questionable upbringing, and you have all the handsome stars from your favorite new action film.

It’s an entertaining spin on an old tale, though the violence may have you questioning your own sympathies for the ol’ Hook Hand.

The eight-track “Bangarang” is out now, and features guest spots from Sirah and rumored Skrillex lady-friend Ellie Goulding.

Skrillex took home three Grammy Awards last Sunday, including one for Best Electronica Album “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”

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