Watch Skrillex’s ‘Summit’ video with Ellie Goulding and hear his surprise EP ‘Leaving’

01.03.13 6 years ago

Skrillex may sleep in hotels on the road more than he does his own abode, but that hasn’t kep him from being productive. The dance producer released a surprise new EP “Leaving” today, and also dropped a new music video for “Summit” featuring Ellie Goulding.

“Leaving” is really just three songs, for about 14 minutes of new material. But it came up for users of Skrillex’s songs subscription service The Nest, with all the tracks also up on YouTube. You can hear them below: the title track is actually surprisingly chilled and emotionally grounded, though you may find “The Reason” putting a little closer to EDM par with all those synths. “Scary Bolly Dub” sounds just how you think a song called that sounds.

The song “Summit” also has a video component: the song was attached to Skrillex’s “Bangarang” EP, and features his now-ex-girlfriend Goulding. The clip itself features some kids of a legal age having a way better night than you’ve ever had combined with other really good nights. Bring your lighter for this one.

In an interview with Billboard, Skrillex has said that he wants to spend 2013 on making more new music; he also found his experiences scoring for the films “Wreck It Ralph” and “Spring Breakers” inspiring, and he wants to do more composing for film.

“[Film scoring is] cool because it’s a lot more collaborative,” he says. “It’s nice stepping into someone else’s world for a minute and basically have that trust in different artists where you can combine worlds. There’s already a plot, there’s already a theme… and you just learn so much from doing things that way.”

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