Watch: Slammin’ new Black Eyed Peas clip for ‘Imma Be Rocking Your Body’

02.16.10 9 years ago

Times are tough all over, so maybe the Black Eyed Peas are trying to economize by combining “Imma Be” and “Rock Your Body” into one mega-video called “Imma Be Rocking That Body.”

We kid…there”s nothing cheap about the 10-minute clip. It”s one of the priciest videos we”ve seen come down the pike in a while. This one definitely cost a pretty penny. At least you don’t have to feed robots and some of those product placements, like Tuborg beer, clearly helped defray costs.

The clip starts with Will.I.Am arguing with his band-mates about technology and if machines can do everything that humans do. His new studio wizardry is going to take them into “3008.” Enough with the endless plugs, already…Next thing you know, they’re in the future, we think…

Like most of the Peas” songs, the combined tune is all about the beats and partying and the future. And they provide an excellent forum for a video that”s basically a more entertaining remake of “Transformers” complete with breakdancing robots. The ultimate take away? Even gun-toting robots dig the BEP and getting down to them.

And thumbs up to Fergie-all that time in the gyms is clearly paying off. You look awesome rocking that unitard and the space age suit. 

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