Watch: Soundgarden combine with ‘Metalocalypse’ for ‘Black Rain’ music video

09.20.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

What do you get when Soundgarden combines with animation and mastermind of Cartoon Network’s “Metalocalypse?” The music video for “Black Rain” is the closest you’ll get, with an added bonus of a “Guitar Hero” cameo.

Chris Cornell and Co. are made into cartoons in a fortress of rock that, when they combine together, are able to battle the evils of space demons that have invaded Seattle. (Dethklok spurs the whole thing.) There’s plenty of lasers and blasts, and, of course, a new way to hear the band’s previously unreleased track “Black Rain.” It was directed by “Metalocalypse” creator Brendon Small.

The song was culled from Soundgarden’s “Madmotorfinger” sessions and has come to light for “Telephantasm,” the rock troupe’s forthcoming greatest hits set. The album will be released in three different deluxe incarnations and/or comes bundled with the “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock” video game starting on Sept. 28. The standalone CD will be out on Oct. 5.

The band is still mulling creating new songs together, according to Spinner. “Here we are, all these years later and we’re in a room and talking about new music and it doesn’t feel like carrying a mountain up a hill,” Chris Cornell said. “It seems like a completely natural idea and a natural fun thing to do, all the baggage that I think can sometimes come along with that we don’t have it at all.”

The group has no touring plans at the moment, but is likely mulling the idea, after the successful spate of performances this summer.

What do you think of the video? What do you think of the song?

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