Watch: Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles gets her sexy on in new video ‘Tonight’

Sugarland”s Jennifer Nettles is really eager for the night to get here. In the band”s new video for “Tonight,” Nettles runs through three scenarios as she sings, waiting for her lover to arrive.  No matter how great he may be, we”re not so sure her lover will be able to compete with the ever-present fan blowing her hair in each scene.

We”re a huge fan of Nettles” voice, but, quite frankly, she just seems awkward here, especially in the second vignette where she”s self-consciously dancing/shimmying alone on a stage in a hideous outfit.  In the third scene–in an all-white bedroom– she crawls and rolls around on the bed waiting for her man giving her best sultry stare right into the camera. You can almost hear some sleazy cameraman saying to her, “Make love to the camera, baby.” 

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This is no pan of Nettles” acting abilities; we don”t think Meryl Streep could pull this off. Plus, Nettles is hilarious in the video for “Stuck Like Glue.” I kept waiting for her to dissolve into giggles here. This plays more like an audition reel for a Lifetime movie. As usual, her Sugarland partner Kristian Bush is relegated to backing musician.