Watch: T.I. shows off his rich and poor lives in ‘Go Get It’

08.16.12 7 years ago

That T.I. “Trouble Man” album may just never come out. I think Warner’s waiting for something to hit, and very little is; the rapper’s “Go Get It” is no exception.

Released today, the video and track featuring the “sophisticated convict” extolling his own riches since bouncing from the clink more than a year ago. This sticks with the general formula of bad bitches with thick asses, the piece he has tucked away in his car, the dope that he is almost assuredly not smoking and the Molly he is certainly not dropping (remember what happened the last relapse, T.I. & Tiny?).

The video could have taking a more interesting tack, putting his rags and riches parallel lives side-by-side. T.I. got a second chance after jail to correct the course, went back to jail, and now here’s the third chance. The empty-pocketed side of the clip contains all the small pleasures of Atlanta living without “millions stacked to the ceilings.” But it’s got its weird, small-time, lonely problems.

Being rich: apparently there are no problems. Main differences are that the trio of girls that slept with you and are now bathing each other aren’t invited to dinner with your boys, and when girls go to the swimming pool at your house, they wear heels. The food spread looks pretty decent too, but there’s no “mo’ problems?”

T.I.’s problem may soon be a forced collab with a rapper hotter than he, which wouldn’t be a problem three years ago. The Iggy Azalea feature on “Murda Bizness” was a cool move — and, thank God, a fun song — but didn’ help with his struggling profile in amping up the “Trouble Man” album.

2 Chainz can’t be the solution to everything right now.

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