Watch: T-Pain takes the long way home in ‘5 O’Clock’ video

09.30.11 8 years ago

Like Adele”s new video for “Someone Like You,” the new video for T-Pain,” “5 O”Clock” featuring Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa shows the artist meandering through the streets of a beautiful European city. For Adele, the locale is Paris. For T-Pain, it”s Amsterday. That”s where any similarities end.

T-Pain”s tune, which is built around the dreamy, adult lullaby-like sample from Allen”s 2009 tune “Who’d Have Known,”  features the autotuned rapper strolled through the Amsterdam streets, including the famed Red Light District, which is proving to be a distraction, as his lady waits and waits.

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It”s a long, languid clip that matches Allen”s musical bed. Allen isn”t in the video and is represented by a close-up of a woman”s mouth singing her oft-repeated part.

Though he”s taking his own sweet time getting home, it”s clear that he”s hoping to get lucky when he gets home. This plan is further embraced by Wiz Khalifa, who shows up late to deliver his own verse.

“The song is basically about me being where I am at a club. I’m just taking too long and Lily wants me to come home right now,” Pain told “And it happens a lot with me in real life, so why not make a song about it? She doesn’t care where I am or what I’m doing, she just wants me to come home. But she needs me, she needs her hubby.”

Am I the only one who now just laughs when I hear T-Pain”s autotuned vocals, especially during the “c”mon girl” call and response with Allen?  They sound like something from a bad “Saturday Night Live” “Shy Ronnie”  sketch now. I guess it means something when you”re so associated with a style that you”re the poster boy for it.

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