Watch: Tegan And Sara tell you what they don’t want in ‘Northshore’ music video

08.10.10 8 years ago

It’s approaching the one-year anniversary of Tegan and Sara’s release of “Sainthood,” but its album cycle just keeps chugging along.

The duo today released its video for “Northshore,” one of the more energetic and challenging tracks from the set, mere days after the clip for “On Directing” dropped.

Both vids were directed by Angela Kendall, and both were shot on the same day. They boast a very minimalistic – if not claustrophobic — shots of the identical twins, though the new one has some pretty righteous air guitar work.

For vinyl lovers, these come in advance of a very exciting box release from the pop-punk-folk-rockers, the very obviously dubbed “The Official Vinyl Collection Box Set,” out Aug. 31. It contains 2000″s “This Business of Art,” 2002″s “If It Was You,” 2004″s “So Jealous,” 2007″s “The Con” and Sainthood , plus bonus record “Home Recordings” of nine exclusive song demos.

Tegan and Sara also recently contributed to touring buddies Steel Train’s new album concept “Steel Train”/”Terrible Thrills Vol. 1” and will appear on Margaret Cho’s forthcoming comedy-music album “Cho Dependent” on the song “Intervention.” Read more about that song — and hear the thing — on Cho’s website, here.

T&S are tour now with Paramore.

Northshore – Official Tegan and Sara Music Video

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