Watch: Black Eyed Peas party with a parrot on ‘Don’t Stop the Party’ video

What could possibly stop the Black Eyed Peas” party except for, oh say, an actually hummable melody?

OK, I”ll quit being a hater. It”s only because their lives are clearly so much more exciting than ours, as evidenced in the spanking brand new video clip for “Don”t Stop the Party.”

We follow the Peas on their world tour and get to see lots and lots of people jumping up and down to their music, as well as see one overzealous fan hop on stage and try to grab Fergie. There”s even a parrot. Plus, we see their futuristic costumes, etc. Like we’ve never seen those before. Yawn.

The video gets infinitely better around the 3:40 mark when it turns into a travelogue, as we see sandy beaches, city skylines and gorgeous landscapes that make us instantly want to call our travel agent and jet off to somewhere fabulous where the skies are blue, the champagne corks are popping and there are 60,000 waiting in a stadium for us.

With “Just Can”t Get Enough,” the second single from “The Beginning,” still ensconced in the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100, BEP is clearly looking at “Don”t Stop the Party”s” video to get this “Party” started instead of giving it a jump start after its radio life is well underway.

So get packed and jump on the party bus.