‘Doctor Who’s’ Steven Moffat: people watching TV ‘should see people like them up there’

BBC America brought a big crew to New York Comic Con this year lead by Peter Capaldi and debuted new footage from Doctor Who and its spinoff Class. We've got the trailers, full panels, and some fun fan moments from the convention for you.

The New York fan convention gave us our first look at the 2016 Christmas special. This is more of a behind-the-scenes featurette but there are some very interesting things thrown in. The episode is officially called “The Return of Doctor Mysterio.”

What did my eye spy there? That's the “superhero character” I told you about last week being played by Justin Chatwin. He'll feature in the Christmas special along with Matt Lucas. The description made me think they were going for a Batman-type character but showrunner Steven Moffat says he was actually inspired by Superman.

“I was obsessed with superheroes when I was a kid. Mainly, what I liked was Superman, and mainly what I liked about Superman was Clark Kent,” Moffat told the crowd at NYCC. “Clark Kent is awesome. He”s amazing! He goes around pretending he”s not a god, and not revealing to the woman he loves that he is the man she”s in love with, for her own protection. It”s the best love story ever told. I love that it”s a love triangle with two people in it! I”ve always wanted to write that story; I”ve always loved Clark Kent. Clark Kent is the best hero ever.”


The costume is still looking more Batman to me (or perhaps Nightwing) but I'm excited to see how the character works with the Doctor. If you're interested, BBC America has made the entire NYCC panel available to watch online.

Moffat, who has made it very clear recently he knows they can, and should do better when it comes to diversity (their casting director is helping with that) said, “It's not something we're looking for a pat on the back for, to be honest. People watching television, particularly children, should see people like them up there. That's just a fact. That's what should happen.”

New companion Pearl Mackie was also in attendance and praised the “strong women of color” on Doctor Who, Class, and Dirk Gently, but said “I think in 2016 it's frustrating that we still have to have this conversation to be honest, about diversity. I think it's something that should have been addressed a long time ago and I think, especially in the science fiction world, I think it's something that's kind of lacking.”

Mackie took to the show floor for a bit and looked pretty excited about it.


Capaldi was also having a bit of fun…


Uh oh, the Doctor with the Infinity Gauntlet? I smell trouble.


The Doctor Who spinoff Class had its first trailer debut at NYCC which certainly showcased its more young adult skew. It also happens to show a little pop culture love.

Here's the full NYCC panel of the Class folks as well.