Watch: The full video for Madonna’s ‘Turn Up The Radio’

Madonna”s “Turn Up The Radio” video opens with great promise: a shot of her legs in back high heels walking down a hall, but as anyone who saw the teaser released Friday, she”s not headed for “Justify My Love” type hi-jinks. Not this time. Instead, Madge is ready for some PG-rated fresh air.

She leaves her hotel an climbs into a Cadillac convertible, aggrieved by the paparazzi who are in her face. As her driver pulls away, a despondent Madonna is cheered by the site of some street performers displaying contortionist moves even the limber Material Girl could only dream of.  She grabs one and he joins her soon-to-grow posse of young, gorgeous men who are soon crowding her car, much to the driver”s dismay.

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Shot in Italy, the whole video has a Fellini-esque, late ’50s, early ’60s feel in many ways: including picking up the prostitutes (which recalls Fellini”s  1957 classic “Nights in Cambria.”) and Madonna’s styling. The entire clip consists of Madonna riding around in the car, the top now down, picking up her new entourage, as they vogue in the back and front seats, sometime trailed by yearning fans and paparazzi, other times not. Much of the background scenery, which seems intentionally cheesy and obviously green screen, seems straight out the ’60s as well in many cases.

In the canon of Madonna videos, it”s certainly not among her best, but, in some ways, the throwback to a simpler time and the carefree theme perfectly match the breezy pop song, one of the most accessible, catchier songs on “MDNA.”  It”s a fun ride, even if it”s to destination nowhere.

We have a feeling if we understood the voice over in Italian at the end, we may glean some deeper meaning, so if anyone speaks Italian, please add a translation below.

What do you think of the “Turn Up The Radio” video? 


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