Watch: Bloodless new trailer for Amanda Seyfried thriller ‘Gone’

11.21.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Good lord, what is happening to Amanda Seyfried’s career? While attaching herself to the new Linda Lovelace biopic was a fairly intriguing choice – particularly given that it’s being helmed by “Howl” directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman – the trailer for her next film, the painfully generic-looking thriller “Gone”, feels like another middle-of-the-road snoozer in a recent career that’s seen her starring in a raft of unadventurous fare including Catherine Hardwicke’s “Red Riding Hood” and the 2010 Nicholas Sparks adaptation “Dear John” opposite Channing Tatum.

In “Gone” Seyfried stars as Jill Parrish, a young woman who becomes convinced that her sister Molly has been kidnapped by the same individual who abducted her a year prior. With little help from the police, who found no evidence that Jill was actually kidnapped and believe she made the entire episode up, she must track down her sister’s whereabouts alone.

While Seyfried is a good actress and has given memorable performances in previous films (she played her ditzy character to near-perfection in “Mean Girls”), “Gone” simply doesn’t seem like the right vehicle for her talents, and the bland trailer simply fails to convince us otherwise. Not to mention that the kidnapping premise feels far too run-of-the-mill to be compelling (it was penned by Allison Burnett, who wrote the vaguely similar Diane Lane thriller “Untraceable”). Sorry to say because I like Seyfried, but if the lackluster trailer here is any indication “Gone” is almost certainly going to be a stinker.

My trailer grade: “D”. Watch it below and then rate it for yourself at top left!

“Gone” hits theaters on February 24th.

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